Linux Commands – Working with files and directories

Click the link: “Linux Commands – Working with files and directories

The following commands are used to work with files and directories.


This command displays the present working directory where you are currently in.

cat filename

This will print the content of a file.

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Linux Commands – Network commands

Click the link: “Linux Commands – Network commands

Following are some of the important network commands in Linux.


This command sends echo request to a domain to test network connection.

ping domain -c N

This will send echo request N number of times to the domain.

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How to add custom header video in WordPress

Click the link: “How to add custom header video in WordPress

In this tutorial we will learn to add custom header video in WordPress.

Getting started

Login to your WordPress account by going to the wp-admin page and entering your login credentials. On success, you will land on the admin dashboard.


Now, go to Appearance and click on Header.

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How to install WordPress on HostGator

Click the link: “How to install WordPress on HostGator

In this tutorial we will learn to install WordPress on HostGator.


In order to use WordPress your HostGator server plan must have the following.

  • PHP version 5.6 or greater. If you are getting the lastest version then it’s an awesome deal.
  • Database like MySQL version 5.6 or greater or MariaDB version 10 or greater.
  • Running Apache or Nginx.

cPanel – Manage your server

Which hosting plan to buy?

Getting WordPress

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